Group Work

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Group work as an instructional strategy does not create a positive classroom. It is difficult to get a group to work together and to complete the assignment. Then it is difficult as an instructor to mark the end product. Do you give a good grade to the person who did very little because the project was excellent? What about the honors student who did most of the work? Finally, this is not a realistic activity that can translate to the world of real-life work. A student can skim through with a “D” for the group activity, but that same person would most likely get fired for the same level of work in a workplace team.

I sometimes create teamwork on an informal basis, such as creating groups to have mini-discussion or to do an unmarked mini-activity. Another activity is a role-play that is based on real-life. This involves working as a team, on the job, to solve a problem or meet a goal.


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